World Coma Day Ambassadors

What is a World Coma Day Ambassador?
The Curing Coma Campaign is seeking Ambassadors to help spread the word about World Coma Day. World Coma Day Ambassadors must reach out to at least ten (10) hospitals, rehabilitation units, or other organizations to promote World Coma Day registration. Next, Ambassadors must send an email to WCD Chief Ambassador Stephan Mayer with your name and affiliation as well as the names and affiliations of your ten (or more) contacts. Ambassadors will be recognized during World Coma Day.

Shout Out Videos
World Coma Day Ambassadors are encouraged to submit Shout Out videos. A “Shout Out” is a way to recognize your intensive care unit, rehabilitation unit, or other hospital or medical providers that care for patients with coma and disorders of consciousness. Researchers, families, and patients are also encouraged to submit - patients and families must complete a waiver to submit a video. 

Download the World Coma Day Ambassador packet for more information on submitting a Shout Out video. Click the links below for Shout Out examples:
World Coma Day Ambassador Packet
Click here to download the World Coma Day Ambassador Packet and share with any contacts who may be interested in attending World Coma Day. The packet includes a promotional World Coma Day flyer, information and instructions to submit a Shout Out video, and downloadable Curing Coma Campaign and World Coma Day logos to assist you in promoting this inaugural event.