Community of Collaborators

Central to the success of the Curing Coma Campaign is the creation of strong collaborative efforts across various domains including science, education, implementation, and advocacy. To fundamentally change the care of patients with acute disorders of consciousness, a primary objective of the Curing Coma Campaign is to create the Curing Coma Community. This community is intended to be broad and inclusive and may include multiple different constituencies that may work independently or come together to advance the goal of improving outcomes for victims of coma. 

Members of the Community of Collaborators may include:

  • Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other front-line clinicians
  • Scientists and researchers
  • Patients and their advocates
  • Teachers and educators
  • Public policy, organization, and agency representatives

By joining the Curing Coma Community of Collaborators, you will remain in touch and be given every opportunity to learn, join, contribute, and participate in our mission.

Check back soon to join the Curing Coma Community of Collaborators.