World Coma Day


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World Coma Day 2023 had 1,000 participants from over 80 countries around the globe! 

World Coma Day is an all-day global online event featuring stories of remarkable recovery, science talks by medical experts, educational sessions for patients and families, and "shout out" videos from providers, patients, and families around the world. Help us spread the word!

The objectives of World Coma Day are to:

  • Raise awareness of coma as a treatable and recoverable clinical entity
  • Encourage medical providers and patients/patient advocates to get involved in the Curing Coma®
  • Motivate caregivers to participate in specific current and future scientific efforts devoted to curing disorders of consciousness 

World Coma Day will feature:

Stories from coma recovery


Coma         science presented by medical experts

“Shout-out” videos
from providers, patients, families, researchers around the world

Educational sessions for patients, families, and providers who have been impacted by coma

World Coma Day 2023

Programming begins at 00:00 UTC (London time) on March 22 and continues for 24 hours; each session will be broadcasted three (3) different times over 24 hours. Use this tool to convert to your time zone! 

NCS WCD 2023 Schedule

History of Coma Care:
0:00, 8:00, 16:00 UTC

Session Length Title Presenter

3 minutes

Introduction to World Coma Day and History of Coma Care

Gene Sung and Theresa Human

22 minutes

History of Coma in 20 Minutes: from Hippocrates to Here-and-Now

Thomas Bleck

5 minutes

Man in the Street – What is Coma?

Marc Ayoub

2 minutes

Story of Hope

Pouya Ameli

14 minutes

Why Can't We Define Coma and Does It Matter?

DaiWai Olson

18 minutes

Evolution of Bedside Nursing in the Care of Patients In Coma

Isabelita Rogado

14 minutes

History of Clinical Pharmacy in NCC and how it impacts care of the patient in a coma.

Denise Rhoney

22 minutes

Story of Hope

Theresa Human

Current Clinical Practice:
01:35, 09:35, 17:35 UTC

1 minutes

Introduction to Current Clinical Practice

Gene Sung and Theresa Human

6 minutes

Keck Coma Warriors

Keck School of Medicine

16 minutes

Advances in the Neurological Examination in Patients With Coma

Lori Shutter

16 minutes

Rapid Evaluation for Reversibility in Coma Patients

Asher Albertson


Story of Hope

Navaz Karanjia

25 minutes

Let the Brain Rest to Recover: Pharmacologic Coma for Neurologic Injuries

Brooke Barlow

1 minutes

Story of Hope

Lucas Elijovich

16 minutes

How to get started using EEG to Assess Coma Patients for Covert Consciousness

Paul Vespa

15 minutes

Are We There Yet?: the Curing Coma Campaign at 3 years

Claude Hemphill

40 minutes

Live Discussion


Future Research Opportunities:
04:00, 12:00, 20:00 UTC

1 minutes

Introduction to Future Research Opportunities

Gene Sung and Theresa Human

14 minutes

Covert Consciousness: Jan Classen and Brian Edlow

Jan Claassen and Brain Edlow

22 minutes

Machine Learning- AI 

Sebina Bulic - Nenad Medvedovic

1 minutes

Story of Hope

Matthew Koenig

22 minutes

Machine Learning in Acute Brain Injury Care  Zabihi

Morteza Zabihi

10 minutes

Functional NIRS: Non-invasive Assessment for Cognitive-Motor Dissociation

Derek Debicki

13 minutes

Neurorehab VR

Caterina Pistarini

15 minutes

Coma Science Working Group: Research for the Future

Robert Stevens

7 minutes

Story of Hope

Janet Sutherland

Practical Issues in Health Care Disparities:
05:40, 13:40, 21:40 UTC

1 minutes

Introduction to Practical Issues in Health Care Disparities

Gene Sung and Theresa Human

11 minutes

Health Equities and Disparities in Coma Care: What Does This Mean?

Nirupama Yechoor

74 minutes

Coma Care in Resource Challenged Environments

Gene Sung, Gloria Rodriguez, Gisele Silva, Debbie Ruthirago, Gerrie Mariano

6 minutes

Story of Hope

Kertisha Branson
Nelleke Koeners

40 minutes

Live Discussion


 *Schedule is subject to change. 

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