Curing Coma


About the Curing Coma Campaign

In 2019 the Neurocritical Care Society launched the Curing Coma Campaign as its signature clinical, scientific, and public health effort. The Curing Coma Campaign is the first global public health initiative to tackle the unifying concept of coma as a treatable medical entity. The goal of the Curing Coma Campaign is to develop and implement coma treatment strategies that improve human lives. Click here to learn more, and click here to get involved today! 

Become a Curing Coma Collaborator

Click here to become a Curing Coma Campaign collaborator. By becoming a collaborator, you will receive regular updates and opportunities to participate in Curing Coma Campaign activities including the COME-TOGETHER Coma Care survey and World Coma Day on March 22, 2021. Within a few days of signing up, all collaborators will receive a link to participate in the COME-TOGETHER survey.