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Now Published: COME-TOGETHER Coma Care Survey

Treatment practices and attitudes regarding prognosis of coma vary widely across the world. To better understand prevailing concepts and the full spectrum of this variability, the NCS Neurocritical Care Research Network (NCRN) conducted the COME-TOGETHER survey on coma epidemiology, evaluation, and therapy. This survey of health care providers who treat coma patients in the ICU setting addressed the following questions:

  • What is worldwide prevalence of coma? How big is the problem?
  • What is the most common definition of coma?
  • What diagnostic tools are used to evaluate coma?
  • What are the most common causes of coma?
  • What are common therapeutic interventions to reverse coma?
  • What are attitudes toward prognosis in patients with prolonged coma?

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey! The full study is available now below.

Download the full PDF here.

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