Modules and Working Groups

The Curing Coma® Campaign is organized into various operational modules and technical working groups. The current organizational structure is shown in the chart.

Curing Coma Campaign Modules and Working Groups



Module and Working Group Co-Leads

Coma Data Science
Brandon Foreman
Emily Gilmore

Coma Science
Robert Stevens
Michael Diringer

Daniel Kondziella
Soojin Park
Theresa Human
Stephan Mayer
Prospective Studies
Raimund Helbok
Molly McNett
Len Polizzotto
Community of Collaborators
Neha Dangayach
Aarti Sarwal
Implementation Science
Lori Kennedy Madden
Risa Richardson
Keri Kim
Member Sites
Chethan Rao
Briana Witherspoon
Joseph Fins
Ariane Lewis
Shraddha Mainali

Common Data Elements
Jan Claassen
Brian Edlow
Jose Suarez


Care of Patient in Coma
Brooke Murtaugh
Gisele Sampaio Silva

  Existing Datasets
Eric Rosenthal