Summer Strides Competition

Be part of the Curing Coma Campaign all summer long with the Summer Strides Competition! This is a great way to stay involved and stay active throughout the summer! Run or walk to show your support.

Step Up for Curing Coma® This Summer

Raising awareness about coma goes beyond World Coma Day; it’s a year-round effort. The success of our inaugural March Miles Competition for World Coma Day is now extended into a new Summer Strides Competition hosted by the Curing Coma® Campaign.

What Is the Summer Strides Competition?

hroughout the summer, the Curing Coma® Campaign will be updating its weekly leaderboard for the most distance traveled through exercise or sports through the social media app Strava.

What Is the Impact of the Summer Strides?

By sharing personal updates about the Summer Strides Competition, participants can raise awareness about coma, its impact on individuals and their families, and the importance of ongoing research and support.

How Do You Participate?

  • Download the Strava free app.
  • Connect your fitness tracker.
  • Join the Curing Coma Club on Strava.
  • Walk, run or bike throughout the summer.
  • Share your progress with friends and family on social media, elevating awareness of coma.

Join the Curing Coma Club on Strava